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littlechop's gameplay for Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium (SNES)

littlechop played Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium

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littlechop said...
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This game really reminded me of the early N64 Wrestling games published by THQ (WCW/nWo and later the WWF Series). Probably because they're based on the N64 Virtual Pro Wrestling games, which are very similar to Fire Pro Wrestling as it seems.
Contrary to western wrestling games, this one (as later games by THQ) is not a button masher, but instead a grappler. You got a total of 102 wrestlers (some you need to unlock by playing through the game) and 80 (!) slots for CAWs (or Create-A-Wrestler). You can change everything from name, to appearance to moveset and taunts - you can even change the CPU-logic which makes the wrestlers behave differently if the settings are changed.
There is a lot to mess around, and I got caught in the CAW-Mode for ... an hour or so until I played it for the first time.
I did some fights with several settings to find out how to play the game, as there is no grappling button. The grappling gets done automaticly as you stand near enough your oppenent, which I got to get used to. Also the grappling system is sometimes a bit... misleading. As you can't always do every move you want to do and there are automatic reversals depening on what move you want to do and how fit your opponent is.
Speaking of fitness - there is no HUD, no energy bars, no nothing. You have to figure it out all by yourself - which is good to me, makes it less easy to tell when you can do something.
Also the animation impressed me. With having a total of 182 wrestlers, an extensive CAW-Mode, 4 different outfits to every non CAW, I wouldn't have expected that smooth and good animation.
Even the four (!) selectable (!!) referees have the typical "It was close to three but he got his shoulder up just before my hand hit the floor"-gesture.

Why this game didn't come to the western hemisphere is beyond me.
Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium

Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium (SNES)

Genre/Style: Sports/Wrestling
Release Date: 29/MAR/96
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